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Whether your needs are for retail, food service or industrial manufacturing, our strong global partnerships with Quality Dairy Producers allows us to bring a variety of unique and high-quality products to your door.

We tailor our services to your level of experience in exporting and offer a variety of value-added services, including but not limited to International Logistics, Credit Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance.

In partnering with MCT, supplier partners can be certain that our efforts are aligned. Contact us for more information on how our expertise and global footprint can take your high-quality products into new and expanding markets.

Contact us to learn how MCT can help take your products to International markets. 


MCT Dairies and its affiliates have been leaders in the importation of dairy products since its founding in 1983.  MCT is one of the largest importers of cheese, butter and dry dairy products into the United States.  We offer a wide variety of dairy imported from around the world.   In addition, we can assist with  import logistics, including procurement, financing, documentation, customs clearance and movement to your final destination.  

Contact us to learn how MCT's Import services can help you.


Our experienced in-house logistics and documentation department can adapt to your volume needs. We offer consolidation, full container loads, and multiple container shipments, all the while ensuring a successful and seamless process for both our customers and partners.

Contact us to learn how MCT's Logistics Services help your business domestically and internationally. 

Cheese Aging And Financing

You will have the comfort of knowing that the cheese of your choice will be stored and aged in a designated climate controlled fully licensed warehouse. MCT can source, store, finance and carefully ripen your cheese until ready for delivery. We offer in-house services such as cheese grading, inspection and logistics.

Our knowledge of the world’s dairy markets, provides you with information regarding the best time to set aside your cheese for maturing and other dairy products for future use while we take on the inventory financing until final delivery. Combined with our risk management, we can take volatility out of the equation, allowing our customers to price future delivery without market risk.

Contact us to learn how MCT's aging, storage and finance program can meet your needs.

Custom Applications 

Our technical support team can help achieve your specific requirements including:

  • Ingredient labeling
  • Private labeling
  • Melt point
  • Flavor profile
  • Texture
  • Shelf stability

Our customized cheese, butter and dairy products are included in sandwiches, soups, salad dressings, sauces, baked goods, snack foods, candies, protein drinks, sausages and more.
We offer the following customization including:

  • Enzyme Modified Cheese (EMC) and Dairy Flavors
  • Restricted melt point cheese
  • Customized products and blends
  • Custom dry blended dairy powders
  • Agglomerated and Instant Powders

Contact us to learn how MCT's customized dairy ingredients are suited for any processing application.

Reclamation Services

MCT’s state-of-the-art Reclamation Center, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, offers a variety of cheese reclamation services. Reclamation services are available for domestic and imported dairy products in packaging ranging from 1 oz packages to 640 lb. blocks and barrels.

Our reclamation services include cleaning, trimming, cutting and repackaging products, as well as stripping small packages for further processing.

The reclamation center is inspected and licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection; as well as routinely audited by a third party. We meet the highest industry standards as we prepare your cheese for food service or further processing and repackaging in boxes, barrels or totes.

Contact us for your reclamation needs.

Risk Management

Our risk management service can take the volatility out of cheese, butter and dairy commodity prices by allowing you to lock in a price for up to 18 months. Your component prices are fixed, future promotional prices are covered, and commodity ingredients will come in on budget.

MCT Dairies is an international leader in sourcing dairy ingredients and providing innovative services. Using a cheese risk management service may be new to many in the cheese industry, but it’s not new to MCT Dairies. Dairy risk management is a proven service that MCT has been providing for years.
MCT Dairies risk management service product list:

  • Natural and Processed Cheese
  • Butter, AMF and Blends
  • Cheese for aging
  • Milk Powders
  • Dairy By-products

Contact us to take the price risk out of purchasing cheese, butter and other dairy products.

Additional Services

  • Cheese Grading
  • Storage / Warehousing
  • Inspection




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