ESL and UHT Aseptic Products

MCT is excited to offer our customers the highest quality UHT and ESL (Aseptic products) from the USA.

  • ESL and UHT conventional and Organic Dairy beverages
  • Lactose-free capabilities
  • Flavored milks and creamers
  • Half and Half and Heavy Whip
  • Plant-based
  • Blends
  • Adult/Sport nutrition
  • Coffee based
  • Ultra Filtration coming in 2025!



Vertically Integrated

Owners are very large, organic and conventional dairymen, located in close proximity (<20 miles) to the plant and operating in the lowest Class 1 Federal Milk Order pricing area in the country.

Pacific NW direct access (owner's milk) to organic (3.1m gallons) and conventional (17.3m gallons) milk supply.


Allergen Free Mix & Batch Rooms

Provides the flexibility for value- added flavoring and plant-based products while maintaining allergen segregation for consumer safety.

In addition, our cocoa slurry tank provides the highest quality of chocolate and
flavored products.


Lactose-Free & Vitamin Dosing

State of the art dosing system that doses during the packaging process and enables increased performance on production and processing.

Our inline dosing system provides unique product assortment and development for value-added products.


Milk Freshness

With our captive organic and conventional milk supply, we are generally processing the milk the same day it is shipped from the dairies!


Direct Steam Injection

Direct steam injection is considered leading industry capability to produce the best and most consistent flavor profiles for low-acid products.


Backend Packaging Flexibility

We provide multiple options on case overwrap. tray pack, or plastic overwrap configurations.

Depending on format, we can pack in 3, 4, 6, 12, 18, and 24-pack configurations.

The 8oz Prisma Dream Cap product can be sleeved in a multi-pack format.

If you need single-serve or pack solutions - we have you covered!


Sustainable Packaging

Our highly recyclable package offerings protect against any emerging environmental impact legislation on plastics.

Product packaging appeals to the sustainability-conscious consumer.

Primarily made of paperboard, a renewable material that is responsibly sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests.


Extended and Long Shelf Life

ESL and UHT products open up nationwide and international opportunities for customers that HTST solutions can't provide.

The extended shelf life significantly reduces throwaways, eliminates direct store deliveries improving store in-stock for improved OGP, reduces touches, and shrinkage.

Shelf-stable products create flexibility for retailers and consumers with regards to refrigeration.




The package types are very cost-competitive relative to bottles and gable-top.



National brands have recognized the value of merchandising these products in ambient AND refrigerated spaces.

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Less Touches

UHT and ESL products significantly reduce product touches for labor. reduces shrinkage, and reduces invoicing.


Direct Steam Injection

Direct steam injection is considered leading industry capability to produce the best and most consistent flavor profiles for low-acid products.



Be ahead of the private label competition with innovative package and product offerings that provide the ability to mimic successful new brand launches.


Customer Choice

Amazing opportunity to have an assortment of ambient, private-label beverage products in your pantry.